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The DARE TO FOLLOW trilogy is set in South Africa and Australia and depicts a group of friends who find God and themselves in the midst of adventure, danger and beautiful vistas. 

#1. Sarah's Gift         #2. Mark's Strength         #3. Kwan's Choice 



Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937331-18-4

E-Book ISBN: 978-1-937331-19-1

Sarah White, an Aussie horse trainer running away from her past, tries to start a new life at a safari business in South Africa. Elephant culling, strange recurring dreams, and a supernatural encounter lead her to discovering an amazing gift she has.Will she use this gift or remain paralyzed by her traumatizing memories?


 - 2013 Romance Book of the Year from Christian Small Publishers Association

 - 2013 Honorable Mention in Christian Romance from Readers Favorite

 - 2013 Short-list for CALEB Award in fiction


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937331-43-6

​E-Book ISBN: 978-1-937331-44-3


Mark and Sarah van der Merwe think they may have escaped the attention of the ivory smugglers they faced in the past while saving the elephants in Kruger National Park. However, now fighting depression and isolation, the backslidden couple ventures back to the place that caused their greatest grief in order to find closure for their current pain. Little do they know that evil raises its head once more and used a little Zulu boy as bait. Will they show him the way to God, or will they end up in more trouble than they can possibly handle on their own?


Paperback ISBN: 978-1-937331-45-0

Kwan thought that he'd left the worst behind in South Africa when he moved to Australia. The open spaces of Outback Queensland were everything that he could have dreamed of, but he still wanted more. Training horses and working alongside Keera for the Emergency Services, Kwan faces dangers every week. 

His greatest struggle, however, is learning to step it up as the leader he is called to be. When his alcoholic uncle sends his beloved horses to the meat works, Kwan finally finds the strength to stand up for what he believes in. But can he rescue them when even greater dangers arise and does he have the strength to lead everyone despite the incredible threat?

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