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Skye started writing in 2011, publishing her first three-book series (the Dare to Follow trilogy), through ShadeTree Publishing, a small boutique publishing house. The first book Sarah’s Gift was awarded the following:

• 2013 Romance Book of the Year from Christian Small Publishers


• 2013 Honorable Mention in Christian Romance from

Readers Favorite

• 2013 Short-list for CALEB Award in fiction

The next book in the trilogy, Mark’s Strength, was also short-listed for CALEB Award in 2014. Kwan’s Choice completes the series. These stories are filled with suspense, drama, mystery, romance, and great characters and are ideal for the spiritual/paranormal theme that is currently riding through Hollywood.

All three novels sell to an international market mainly through Christian bookshop retailers, as well as Amazon and other online stores. The series has done well despite the limited resources of the publisher. There was also interest from a production company to develop Sarah’s Gift for the big screen.

- Jennifer Minigh, PhD




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