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Castle-View Colours 2020

Oils on Canvas 2020

615mm x 920mm

REDUCED (Due to parrot bite)

from $1,800 to $900 

Castle-View Colours was created initially as an exemplar for my Year 12 Visual Arts in Practise Students. The task I had created for them was to create a landscape painting that incorporated urban and natural. They needed to find an art movement that influenced them with it too. 


For me, it was an easy choice to paint the Townsville landscape. I grew up in Townsville with it's backdrop of Castle-Hill and the sugar-shaker skyline over the marina. I have always adored North Queensland because of my love for the Great Barrier Reef. 

This painting for me covers both the beauty and colours of the North Queensland landscape and hopefully captures a bit of why I call Townsville home. 



Oils on Canvas 2021

1220mm x 615mm

PRICE: $5000

    Depicting a school of Fusiliers schooling into a spiral. In the midst of this school, we see one lone Moon Wrasse who is swimming against the school - this could be symbolic of social comments of "swimming against the current" or "don't follow the sheep" "be individual"



Oils on Canvas 2021

920mm x 1220mm

PRICE : $5000 

    This painting depicts five Manta Rays gracefully circling a bombie. For me, it symbolises the need to focus and find that balance and harmony in your life. It's a very meditative painting for me.


Acrylics & Impasto. 2020

770mm x 765mm

Price: $1000AUD

The Great Race

Oils on Canvas 2022


Depicting the baby Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings of Heron Island as they make the mad dash out to sea from their nests. Sadly, only 1 / 1000 make it as predators gather when they know a hatching is taking place. 

Birds, rays, sharks, larger fish are all part of the array of predators waiting for the young soft shelled hatchlings. 



Fishing at Dusk 

Acrylic on Canvas 2020

PRICE: $1000

We love to take our fishing boat out on the reef. We often stay out overnight and will fish the reef walls, chasing species such as coral trout, red throat, nannygai and spangled emperor. 



Heron Island at Dusk

Water Colour on Paper 2022

PRICE: $300

Heron Island is one of my favourite places. The turtles, the stingrays and the Reef sharks. 

Baby reef sharks patrol the beaches all the time - but especially at dusk waiting for the temperatures to cool and the baby turtle hatchlings to emerge. 


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