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Pottery Journey

25th April - 2017

So through my art-life I've been successful in many things - but I hadn't quite mastered a couple of things.

One of those things was wheel throwing pottery. This year has seen many new changes for me - including my job and the beginning of pottery wheel throwing lessons. 

I've had my up weeks and my down weeks - that's for sure - but one of the things I've learnt quite firmly is this... you need to have a sense of calm to work the clay properly. It's part measure of technique. Another part measure of application. The evenings I brought a bad mood to pottery lessons - were the evenings I was impatient and heavy handed with the clay - causing me to collapse and fail with the pot. 

My philosophy though - work with what you've got. I've had several "failed" pieces, that after trimming and glazing - I feel they are lovely - plus they tell a story. 

I am yet to see the final firing on my first load of pots - but in the next week or so I will have the grand reveal.... 

- Skye 

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