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11th December - 2023

I take an uncannily long time to pursue some of these projects... in 2013, I travelled to Ireland to research, convalesce from a messy divorce, and find my Ancestral Country (which I did)... but after such a long time (10 years in the making)... I can happily say that I have a complete manuscript ready for Book 1 - The Griffin Key. I have a facebook group of Beta Readers who are currently going through the manuscript and anyone is welcome to participate in this. Just email me and let me know - or shoot a request to the link below...

Please forgive my terrible attempt at having some sort of art to promote this, and succumbing to the horror that is AI Art. As soon as I have things further in place, we will get "proper" artwork sorted for cover and banner art.

But yes, after many years of working through court battles, then meeting the love of my life, blending families, then remarrying and moving house over 6 times in 9 years (because landlords keep selling their houses.), we are finally settled in the Whitsundays and ready to buy our own home. And my writing has picked up again. "Griffin Key" has gone through 5 edits by me, and is now in the hands of beta readers.

At this stage, I have no publisher. Shadetree Publishing has been amazing for my previous Christian Romance fiction, but has since liquidated their business. "Dare to Follow" is back in my hands again (rights-wise) and I have it listed still through Amazon and it's classified as self-published now.

As my new series is fantasy romance genre, without the Christian element, I am going to sit back and wait until I have a few books in this series ready before I begin my quest for a new traditional publisher. As you can see on the below screen shot of NaNoWriMo (which I didn't win this year sadly.)... I am beginning on book 2 in this series now.


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