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11th December - 2023

It's been 7 years since I began my pottery journey.... I began in 2017 - I am like a new-born giraffe with it. But be that as it may, I have persevered - I enjoy it, and I have sold and given away lots of it over the past 7 years. I now own my own wheel - albeit a very very vintage falling apart one - it still produces results for me.

I began my potting journey as someone who LOVES mugs - and to say I have made "a few" mugs over the years is an understatement. I will continue to make them until I am consistently happy with them. For now though, they still control me - the clay tells me what it wants to be and not the other way around. Some days this is a happy dance I am happy to lose myself into - other times I become frustrated as I would like to produce what's in my mind.... Increasingly, I am improving though.

The below gallery shows some of what I have been producing when it comes to everything "Mug"

Mostly when I sit down to "Pot" and I don't know what to make though, I end up with all sorts of goodies... some good, some bad... I struggle with consistency and thickness the most....

I have also been enjoying lots of hand building of clay pieces... this one below was recently included in my "Spiritual Home" solo exhibition...

I don't always make vessels either.... This Raku dragon became an Incense burner when completed...

I'll be experimenting with Earrings further in the next year or so...


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